How to fix Bad system config info error in windows 8 and windows 10

BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO is common blue screen error that every windows user is getting. This occurs with the latest update of the windows 10. But not only windows 10 users are experiencing this BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO error older windows 8 and windows 8.1 users also faced in to this error. Actually these are some common issues in windows operating systems. Some times this may occur with following error codes STOP 0x00000074 (0x80087000, 0x00000002, 0x00000003).


How to Identify BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO error

  • Before fixing this it’s better to know the symptoms of this error. Below you can see some of the major symptoms of this error.
  • You will see a error message “BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO” when you login to the computer in a blue screen.
  • In windows 7 and Xp versions sometimes you will get this BSOD error message with a popup and windows will crash.
  • Some you will get a error message like “A problem has been detacted and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage”
  • Computer may stuck and slow down at the boot.
  • computer will restart several times and stuck at blue screen and keyboard and Mouse may not respond.



  • Some times this occurs with the problems of RAM.
  • Driver problems like compatibility issues with windows.
  • When you install new drivers it may have some conflits.
  • Some times this may occurs with a virus infection.
  • Due to bad hard disk or damaged hard disk.

There may be some many reasons for this error.

How to fix BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO error?

Method 1

This error can be occurred due to corruption of registries. The registry related to error code  0x074 need to be fixed. This can fixed by using a good third party registry fixers. For this use a good trusted application like CCleaner otherwise these applications may damage other files.

Method 2

Update the Pc drivers and also keep your windows updated to latest version.

Method 3

Do a full scan with a trusted Virus guard. Some times the reason behind the error BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO will be a virus. So it’s better to be free from viruses.

Method 4

It’s better to check the memory problems if you are on BSOD problem. Follow below steps,

  1. In the start menu type “memory diagnostic”.
  2. Now select the app “Windows Memory Diagnostic”.
  3. Now click on the first option “Restart now and check for problems (recommended)”.
  4. Now your PC will restarts.
  5. This may take several minutes to check for the errors.

Method 5

This Bad system config info error can be occurred due to damaged and corrupted hard disks. So it’s better to check hard disk problems. Follow below steps to do that.

  1. Press “Windows key” (key with windows flag) and “X” key and then choose “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the opened menu.
  2. Then type “chkdsk /f” on the command prompt and press enter.
  3. Now you will be asked to restart, type “y” and press enter for the restart.
  4. Problems related to hard will be fixed with the restart.


Video Tutorial

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