How to Fix System Service Exception in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

System Service Exception

System Service Exception is a common BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) problem in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. Like other BSOD errors, it shows a blue screen with a massage saying “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”. The error is mentioned as: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. There can be various reasons behind the System Service Exception BSOD. So it is quite hard to come up with a general solution that works for all cases. Anyway, most generally this error will occur due to a corrupted driver. Here we are going to mention several different ways to fix System Service Exception. Hopefully one of these will work for you.

System Service Exception

System Service Exception

Solutions to fix System Service Exception error

  1. Check for driver problems System Service Exception

As we sais before, in most of the cases the System Service Exception BSOD occurs due to driver problems. You need to identify and remove or update the problematic drivers causing the error. To find out which driver is possibly causing the problem, follow these steps:
(a) Often the System Service Exception error massage will mention a .sys file name in parenthesis. Copy the file name and paste it in the search box of this website: The search result will give you a software or driver name. If it is a software just remove the software. If it is a driver, take a note of its name and type.
(b) In Control Panel search for Device Manager. Open it and check for any driver name with a yellow exclamation sign beside it. If you find one, note its name.
Now it is time to remove the problematic driver. Start your PC in Safe mode and open Device Manger. Right click on the driver name you noted in step (a) or (b) above and uninstall. Restart your PC in normal mode.

  1. Remove newly installed software or external hardware

If you have recently installed any software or added any external device (like a webcam) to your PC, then you should uninstall or remove those and check if that solves the problem. Users have reported removing software like Google update service, Antivirus software (like McAfee, BitDefender), Xsplit, CloneDrive, MSI Update, GameFirst (Asus), Cisco VPN etc has fixed the System Service Exception (BSOD) error.
[Note that you cannot remove Google update service like other software. To disable it, press Windows key + R key and type msconfig in the Run box. Click on the Services tab. Find out the Google Update Service. There will be two of them – gupdate and gupdatem. Uncheck both of them and Apply.]

  1. Uninstall the KB2778344 Windows Update

Strangely many users have suggested that the KB2778344 package of Windows Update is a culprit behind the System Service Exception error. So you should uninstall this package to see if that works for you too. Restart your PC in Safe mode. Now go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Click View Installed Updates. In the search box type KB2778344. If that package is found uninstall it and restart your PC in normal mode. By the way, if you have recently installed any other update package (just before the System Service Exception BSOD showed up), you should uninstall that update too.

  1. Check and repair system files

Find the Command prompt in the start menu. Right click and run it as an administrator. In the Command prompt, type this exactly and press enter: sfc /scannow

In the end we hope you were able to fix the System Service Exception BSOD error by following one of the methods mentioned above. But if the error persists, you might need to reinstall your Widows OS.

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