Reduce System Restore Disk Space Usage on Windows 7,8 and 10

system restore

Windows System Restore needs only 300MB of disk space to function properly. Though it is a necessary troubleshooting tool, it often takes way too much hard drive memory than required. If your drive is running low on space, you can reduce the disk space used for System Restore points. The process is very easy and it will not disrupt the System Restore functionality.  

system restore


System Restore Settings

First you need to bring out the Run command box. You can search for it from the search box or you can just press the Windows Key + R key on your keyboard. Once the Run command box appears, type “sysdm.cpl” in it and click Ok. This will bring out the System Properties. Now, go to the System Protection tab. Here you will see various options regarding System Restore.

In most of the cases, System Restore is necessary only for the system drive (i.e. the local drive where your Windows OS is installed, usually C drive). If you have multiple local drives, you can safely turn off System Restore process for the other drives (except the system drive). It is easy to find out which drive is your system drive by looking at the drive list shown in the System protection tab. The system drive will be listed with “(System)” written beside it.

To turn off System Restore in other drives, click on the drive name to select it, and click Configure. You will see the Restore settings with three options: Restore settings and files, Restore files and Turn off. As we just said, for any drive other than the system drive, you can select Turn off. Then click Ok.

You will return to the System Protection tab. This time click on your system drive (usually C drive). Click Configure. Here, in Restore settings, the option “Restore settings and files” should remain selected. Below you will see a disk space usage slider. You can use this slider to increase or decrease System Restore disk space usage. Slide it to the left to reduce System Restore disk space usage. As you slide it to the left, the amount of disk being used for System Restore will be shown in both percentage and number of MB (or GB). You should not reduce the disk space below 300 MB. That is the minimum required disk space for System R3store. If you reduce below this, the System Restore will not work properly.

So that’s it. Following the steps given above you can reduce Syst3m Restore disk space usage on Windows. This guide works for both Windows 7 and 10.

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